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Jamal R. Moore

Jamal R. Moore

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Baroque music


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Black Jazz Musician with Saxophone on the Stage

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Jazz Saxophone Grunge

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Jamal R. Moore is a native of Baltimore Maryland who is a multi-instrumentalist, composer/performer, and educator.

His background includes California Institute of The Arts (M.F.A. 2012), Berklee College of Music (B.M 2005), Eubie Blake Jazz Orchestra (2000) under the direction of Christopher Calloway Brooks, and historically acclaimed Frederick Douglass Sr.

High where notable alumni Thurgood Marshall, Cab Calloway, and Ethel Ennis graduated from.

Some notable luminaries Jamal has worked and recorded with are Wadada Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Nicole Mitchell, Archie Shepp, David Ornette

Cherry, Tomeka Reid, Dr. Bill Cole, DJ Lou Gorbea, George Duke, Sheila E, David Murray, JD Parran, Ras Moshe, Hprizm, (Antipop Consortium) Tatsua Nakatani, Hamid Drake and the late Yahyah Abdul Majid (Sun Ra Arkestra).

He is an affiliate of The Pan African Peoples Arkestra of the late Horace Tapscott, Black Praxis of David Boykin, member of Konjur Collective, and co-creator of Ancestral Duo with Luke Stewart.

Jamal currently leads his own groups, Akebulan Arkestra, Napata Strings, Black Elements Quartet, Organix Trio, and Mojuba Duo.

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Wood Wind




Film Scoring

String Ensemble

Wood Wind Quartet

Jazz Ensemble

Electronic Composition


Wood Wind Instruction

Percussion Instruction

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My Musical


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Multisensory Alchemies

Venue: Brooklyn Academy of Music

Group Name: Konjur Collective

Film Maker: Daichi Saito

Joyce J. Scott - Walk A mile in my dreams

Venue: Baltimore Museum of Art

Group Name: Jamal Moore Organix Trio

Features: Deleta Gillespie, William Washburn

Solidarity With Palestine -Benefits show for Gaza

Venue: Nomu Nomu

Group Name: Konjur Collective

Features: David Dioungue

Konfrontationen 2023 Festival -Nickels Dorf Austria

Venue: Jazz Gallery Nickels Dork

Group Name: Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Eclectic

"As musicians we are healers of humanity and have a responsibility to cleanse dis-ease through positive tones, frequencies and vibrations. Music is the nucleus and universal language of the oversoul, mind, body and spirit.”

JamalR. Moore


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I Peered to the other Side- Blood of A Poet

4/27- 4/28

406 N. Howard Street, Baltimore MD 21201

Bang on A Can


233 Butler Street, Brooklyn NY, 11217

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PO Box 22, Lutherv-Timon 21094





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